The Introduction

To the Boy Scout Hot-Air Balloons

Up, Up, and Away

In 1985, Eagle Scout Dr. Ralph Armstrong created the first Boy Scouts of America hot-air balloon. Now there are three, with more on the way. Here are a few facts you may not have known.

Three Of A Kind

The current balloons are Trustworthy, featuring the Boy Scouts of America logo, Loyal , featuring the National Eagle Scout Association  logo, and Brave , featuring the Order of the Arrow logo. The original Trustworthy was retired last year and replaced with a new model featuring the BSA’s 100th anniversary logo.

Flying High

At least one balloon has appeared at each National Scout Jamboree since 1985, along with the 1995 World Scout Jamboree in the Netherlands. The balloons are also rented for Scouting events around the country.

On the Drawing Board

Fundraising is ongoing for Thrifty, Clean, and Reverent. The ultimate goal: balloons representing all 12 points of the Scout Law

Another Kind of Inflation

The fi rst Trustworthy balloon cost $24,000. The second one: $60,000.

Why They Fly

“We hope these balloons will serve as big billboards to promote those values in which we so strongly believe,”

Trustworthy Balloon